Scott 720 Pole

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Light weight, ultimate comfort, and the ability to handle any conditions is what SCOTT had in mind when they designed the 720 Ski Poles. The SCOTT 720 Ski Poles features an aluminum alloy shaft, 3.6 disk basket, and P-Core Grip for the best in comfort and performance.



S2.5 Aluminum Alloy Shaft – S2 aluminum shafts utilize the same technical swaging and design features found in the S4 and S3 and are rated to 45,000 PSI.

18 mm Shaft diameter


P-Core Grip – The P-Core Grip features injection-molded, soft thermoplastic rubber, significantly increasing your grip on the pole.


FX 15x25 Strap – The FX 15x25 straps feature an increased strap width on the back of the hand for additional support. The injection-molded nylon buckle exceeds a tensile strength of 800 psi.


3.6 Disk Basket – The 3.6 Disk Basket blends aerodynamic efficiency, durability and design. The 3.6 disk basket is 60 mm in diameter


Ice Tip – The Ice Tip is diamond shaped for unbeatable hold in extreme conditions.

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