POC Palm Comp VPD 2.0 Glove

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 The cuff can be integrated with our Forearm guard for comfortable, seamless protection that stays in place. Strategically placed side seams and external finger seams for great comfort, durability and grip. Made of Pittards goatskin of the highest quality and with Thinsulate™ insulation.

Palm Comp VPD 2.0
A comfortable race glove with a high degree of protection. To possibly prevent thumb injuries when
hitting the gates we have developed a protective sandwich construction incorporating our shock
absorbing VPD 2.0 material. The protective neoprene cuff can be integrated with our Forearm
protector. Side seams are strategically placed to provide a great fit and a more durable construction.
Pittard's goat skin of the highest quality and external seams for increased comfort and optimal grip.

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