Leki Carbon 14S Pole

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 Detailed Description Detachable Strap and 14mm Carbon Fiber ShaftLeki Carbon 14S ski pole with Trigger S systemThe Trigger S adjustable strap securely wraps around your gloves but attaches and detaches from the pole by the press of a button with a 14mm carbon fiber pole shaft.

What's so special about the Leki Trigger S system? Performance skiers wrap their pole strap around their hands to get a secure grip. But every time you get to the lift, it's cumbersome to remove the straps from your gloves. And if you catch your pole on a tree branch, or something else, you could dislocate your shoulder.

Solution- The Leki Trigger S System gives you an adjustable strap that securely wraps around your gloves but attaches and detaches from the pole by the press of a button. The strap also detaches from the pole if the basket was to get caught in a tree to avoid shoulder and arm injuries.

Light, stiff, comfortable were the objectives of the Carbon 14 S. The best of all worlds to reach a high performance level, Carbon fibers were used to allow for optimal power transfer. The 'Carbon 14 S' is the ideal poles all alpine ski poles want to be. With a 14mm carbon fiber shaft, Trigger S Slalom grip and a sophisticated design will compliment any skiing adventure. The highest quality components, sophisticated equipment and resourceful detailed solutions are all incorporated in the Leki Carbon 14S. Weight: 456 grams / pair at a length of 120 cm.

Leki Carbon 14S ski pole features....

  • GRIP- The Trigger S Slalom Grip with the Trigger S adjustable strap system has anatomically designed left and right straps for a comfortable and secure grip.
  • SHAFT- The 14 mm carbon composite shaft is one of the narrowest to slice through the air with little effort but it also lowers the swing weight of the pole making it less fatiguing for you.
  • SHAFT FINISH- The Ultra Sonic finish is designedfor long lasting graphics. Color is dark gray with a red stripe and white lettering.
  • BASKET- The Cobra basket is perfectly sized for packed snow but works well in powder snow
  • POLE TIP- The Carbide tip gives you secure pole plants on hard pack


Our comments: This is the best ski pole we offer. Light weight, strong, flexible, and a great grip strap system. The Trigger S strap system is an absolute great idea for a pole grip system. Easy on, easy off with a secure grip. Any performance skier will appreciate this system and pole.

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