Dalbello Chakra ID Boot

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Anyway into the techy mumbo jumbo. The Chakra is boot for the woman that demands performance and doesn't want to be held back by her equipment, but instead have her equipment help her get a step or two further.  The cabrio design in the Chakra make for boot that performs exceptionally well in the bumps and off-trail in the trees and steeps.  The Cabrio (3 Piece Shell) is also more forgiving on the calves and shins. The Dalbello Chakra is a great boot and one of our favorites.

Forward Flex / Boot Fit

Forward flex index of 95 and boot last of 98 mm.

Fit For Women - Dalbello designs all of their women's ski boots with the female skier in mind. They are lightweight, comfortable and perform beautifully all over the mountain. Every piece of the boot is specifically built to fit a female skier's needs.


Cabrio Design - 3 Piece Shell - A Cabrio designed shell makes the boots extremely strong torsionally, while providing a smooth consistent flex pattern. The increased support around the skier's foot and leg helps to maximize energy transmission and response.


Contour 4 - Dalbello is basically pre-stretching the ski boots to ensure instant comfort. They use inner boot foot mapping in four critical fit areas for an incredible out-of-box fit.

Center Balanced "Rocker" Stance - With most of today's skis having a rockered profile, the new stance allows the skier to center their body mass of the ski's sweet spot. This provides more control, power and super easy turn initiation.



I.D. Thermo Now Liner -  This is a full-wrap heat moldable liner. Designed with 100% Custom Ultralon EVA Foam, this liner provides you with the comfort, performance and customization. This liner is NOT body heat activated and it really needs to be heat molded on a Dalbello Intuition heater before use -- otherwise you will have a much longer break-in process.


3 Aluminum Micro-adjustable Buckles - Super durable with micro adjust. These really help you to dial in your fit. 

Dynalink Retention System


Dynalink - A closure system that keeps the female skier's foot from sliding around, and keeps their heel locked into the heel pocket. This increases control and responsiveness.

Additional Awesomeness

Low Profile Geometry Cuff - A women's specific design that provides a more comfortable fit around the female's lower leg.

Twin Canting - Gives you the ability to find your perfect alignment.

Adjustable Flex

Adjustable Forward Lean

Kinetic Response Tongue - Stores energy and gives it right back! Increases response and control all of the mountain.

Replaceable Toe and Heels - If your toe and heel pieces wear down, no problem. Easily replace them and give your boots new life!

Bi-Injected Cuff - Two different density materials are injected into the boot's cuff. This gives them a powerful, stiff feeling, without sacrificing comfort and ease-of-entry.

Forefoot Buckle Inverted - This prevents buckle breakage and/or unbuckling when you are shredding boxes, rails or executing sweet grabs

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