2017 Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro Boot

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The new Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro Ski Boots defy convention. Either they're the lightest performance alpine boots we've seen, or they're the most progressive feeling performance touring boots to come down the pike yet. Both are good things. With the power and predictability you crave to drive the biggest skis on the baddest lines, the Zero G Guide Pro has the potential to replace the alpine boot you're using now - and save you a pound and a half on each foot. If the touring boots you've been using are underwhelming in terms of support or the "digital" flex doesn't quite cut it for you, the Tecnica Zero G Guide Pro Ski Boots meet or beat the weight of many popular touring boots, but simply ski better. This boot has gotten rave reviews from the top down at evo, and while we can't decide whether to categorize it as a super light but powerful alpine boot or a super powerful and progressive touring boot, it promises to make an appearance on many feet this coming season.


Last: 99 mm – Performance fit and above average instep height for average width feet

Bootfitters Notes – The 2017 Zero G shells use the same last as the new Cochise line, with a 99 mm forefoot and narrower midfoot than previous Tecnica "average" lasts. Volume around the ankle is much reduced, though the instep height remains fairly relaxed as is typical for Tecnica. The new Triax 3.0 plastic punches well and holds its shape without turning tacky, but care should be taken when attempting aggressive punches at the bi-injection seam line.

C.A.S. Shell – Custom Adaptive Shape shells are anatomically formed around the heel and problem areas at the factory. Common punch zones are plainly marked with a dot grid pattern on the shell, and the new polyether and Triax 3.0 shell materials offer improved stability when heated.

Quick Instep – A shaped plastic component at the instep that is softer than the rest of the shell helps you to step into and out of the ski boot.

C.A.S. Grindable Boot Board – The removable C.A.S. boot board offers plenty of thickness for grinding and a grid pattern for reference.


Flex: 130 – A stiff flex for expert or heavier skiers who require quick rebound and ski response.


Ultra Light Palau Liner – Extremely comfortable, fully heat moldable Palau liner weighs 218 grams (26.5) and is constructed with shin support and minimal seams. Includes laces.


Power Light Design – Bi-injected triax 3.0 frame that is 30% thinner and 2.5 times stiffer than conventional boot material. Results in an 18% weight savings without a loss in performance.

Shell – Bi-injected Triax 3.0 with softer Quick Instep insert for easy entry and exit.

Cuff – Light Grid Triax 3.0 with strategic cutouts for weight reduction.


Adjustable Cuff Alignment


Mobility Cuff Walk/Ski Mode – Tecnica's redesigned walk mode features a 44˚ range of leg movement, a super smooth pivot action, and metal-to-metal contact in the locking mechanism. The new S.A.S (Self-Adjusting System) tightens the locking action as the metal wears to eliminate play.


4 Micro Aluminum Buckles with Innovative Lift Lock Mechanism and Extended Cuff Hook

Lift Lock – A simple mechanical catch holds the buckle above the shell to keep it free from entanglement while putting the boot on.


45 mm Power Strap


ISO 9523 Skywalk Rubber Touring Sole with Genuine Dynafit Tech Fittings

Compatible with Flat ISO 5355 Cochise Sole Pads (Extra Kit)


Aqua Stop Water Protection – Bi-material water protection system with double ridge structure.

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