Dalbello Jakk Boot

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What can the Dalbello Jack Black Black Orange boot do? Super fun on the slopes, the Jack Black Black Orange ensures the necessary holding thanks to its 3 buckles system and its powerstrap, and stays quite forgiving with its 80 flex. You can go all around the ski resort to get the most of your ski trip effortlessly. You can ride on any slopes at your own pace, the Jack Black Black Orange goes everywhere. It adapts itself to the skier and not other way around. If you want to do some freestyle on the flat and attempts tricks in the park go ahead. The Jack Black Black Orange strong, absorbs the shocks and the landings and gives confidence. You will also discover the efficiency of the curved Grip Walk sole made in Dalbello 

Who is the Dalbello Jakk boot designed for? 

We advise this boot to intermediate skiers seeking comfort above all. The Jack Black Black Orange is so versatile that it will accompany you on the slopes and in the park. It is up to you to choose what you want to do. Chill on the mountain or push the gravity limits. 

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